Young Adult Trips

For young adults looking to go to Israel, there are several options!

Short term trips are up to four months. Long term trips are five months to one year. Click the link below that best fits your interest and explore the opportunities that await you in Israel.

Short-Term National Trips     Long-Term National Trips

Short-Term National Trips

Taglit-Birthright Israel and Jewish Federation of St. Louis have teamed up to provide the gift of a peer educational trip to Israel. On this trip, you will get an insider’s perspective of the Jewish homeland, enjoy visits to vibrant cities and historical sites, explore diverse and beautiful landscapes and learn about Israel’s culture. You will also have the opportunity to travel for ten days with Israeli soldiers and students your own age and explore your own personal relationship with the State of Israel. This gift is open to Jewish young adults ages 18 through 26. To learn more, visit

Jewish Federation of St. Louis offers pre-trip information sessions and post-trip consultations. The pre-trip sessions are a great way to have your questions answered prior to traveling. The post-trip consultations will help connect you with the St. Louis Jewish young adult community after you return.

If you participated in the Passport to Israel program, a portion of your funds can be used for a Birthright Israel trip. For more information, visit our Passport to Israel page or contact Karen Rader at or 314-442-3756.


Our Insider Trips for young professionals are exclusively for post-college Jewish young adults and are designed with an eye towards the interests of this specific demographic. They are dynamic and sophisticated, for the globally-minded, where the diversity of the group is essential to the experience. Some of these trips are service-based, featuring up to five hours per day of volunteer work to meet needs in international communities. Others focus more heavily on issue-based learning. Each of our trips offer a unique opportunity to understand and impact global Jewish and humanitarian challenges around the world. To learn more, visit


Onward Israel theme-based programs were designed to offer unique internship opportunities to young adults aged 19-27 from around the globe who are not eligible for an already existing community program. Each program places participants in cohorts with other like-minded individuals, which creates a completely unique opportunity to network and engage with peers in different sectors of a field. Work and live in Israel while exploring what makes Israel a global influence in the field of your interest. To learn more, visit


Sar-El  is a non-profit service organization, under the direction of the Israeli Logistics Corps, for Israeli citizens living abroad who now wish to finalize their status with the military. The program is also open to non-Israeli citizens who wish to participate in a service program akin to national service, without enlisting in the Israeli Defense Forces. The program usually consists of three weeks of volunteer service on different rear army bases, doing non-combative work. In the case of non-Israelis, participants must be aged 17 years or older (or 15 if accompanied by a parent). For more information, visit


offers an integrated Israel experience of volunteering, hiking and community building that allows participants to explore themselves and connections to their Jewish roots and heritage. Livnot U’Lehibanot (Hebrew for “To Build and Be Built”) has been providing short term Israel programs for young Jewish adults and enhancing Israel and Diaspora communities for 35 years with over 7,000 alumni and 25,000 volunteers. Whether you are extending a Birthright trip or returning to Israel looking for a program where you can explore and challenge yourself, Livnot is the program for you. All of Livnot’s programs offer not only hike and volunteer aspects, but also relevant community service options in Tzfat. Our learning sessions give participants the opportunity to explore Judaism in a safe space in the magical setting of Tzfat’s Old City, in the heart of the beautiful Galilee. For more information, visit

Long-Term National Trips

Masa Israel Journey is a top-notch international experience connecting young Jewish adults (18-30) to the right study abroad, internship, service learning or Jewish studies program to help you grow – as a person, a professional and a leader. We help you develop your global network, knowledge base and life skills, together with thousands of other young people from around the world, and we set the industry standard for mid-to-long-term Israel experience programming. We provide you with generous grants and non-stop experiences for your mind, body and soul.

To learn more, visit

If you participated in the Passport to Israel program, your funds can be used for a MASA trip to Israel. For more information, click here or contact Karen Rader at or 314-442-3756.