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Passport to Israel


Passport to Israel is an investment opportunity to help your family accumulate designated funds from outside sources for your child to have an educational peer-based Israel experience as a teen or young adult.

Start saving for your child’s future Israel experience today with help from the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and participating congregations!


Click here to view a PDF version of the flyer.



Where Do These Outside Matching Sources Come From?

  • $200 per year for eight years from Jewish Federation of St. Louis
  • Partial or matching funds from participating congregations

Who is Eligible?

All Jewish students in grades 3rd-8th are eligible to enroll in Passport to Israel.


How Does It Work?

  • Jewish Federation of St. Louis will earmark $200 a year, for up to a maximum of eight years, when families and participating congregations contribute a combined minimum yearly total of $200 to a special Israel savings fund.
  • Families that participate the full eight years will receive an additional $360 bringing the total saved to over $3,500 for an educational Israel experience.  
  • Additional gift deposits can be put into a participant’s account by family and/or friends.
  • All contributions to a child’s Passport to Israel account will be invested by Jewish Federation of St. Louis.
  • Families will receive reports annually on the status of their accounts.


When Can Passport Funds Be Used?

Students are eligible to use their Passport funds on educational peer-based Israel programs upon the conclusion of 9th grade through age 26.


What Happens If…

…we withdraw from the program?
Families may withdraw at any time without losing their initial investments. Upon withdrawing, a family forfeits its rights to the contributions of Jewish Federation of St. Louis, congregation and all accrued earnings.

…we discontinue congregation membership and join another congregation?
The previous congregation’s contributions from the previous years remain in the child’s account. You may continue in the program pursuant to the terms agreed upon by the new congregation. Savings cannot be transferred from one family member to another family member.

For more information about the Passport to Israel Program, contact Jody Gerth at or 314-442-3881.