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Funding and resources for memorable travel to Israel
Explore Israel Travel Options

Why should the Israel Center be your first stop for Israel travel needs?


  • Offers consulting services to help you identify the trip or mission that best meets your needs and interests.
  • Provides the most comprehensive list of resources and travel tips to ensure a meaningful Israel experience, such as currency conversion, packing list ideas, transportation information, weather expectations, food and drink recommendations, and commonly used Hebrew phrases.
  • Offers teens and young adults funding through need-based and incentive-based scholarships and grants to ease the cost of a quality Israel experience.
  • Provides investment opportunities to accumulate designated funds from outside sources for children to have an Israel experience as a teen or young adult.
  • Connects adults and families with travel opportunities offered through local synagogues and organizations, and trips in partnership with The Jewish Federations of North America.
  • Organizes a variety of exclusive experiences for special cohorts, such as the Interfaith Couples Mission, Show Me Israel, The Rubin Israel Experience, or Missouri Legislators.
Israel is a destination unlike any other.

We hope you use the resources provided here to inspire a lifetime of connection to the Jewish people worldwide!



Israel Travel Calendar for 2018-19
Trip Name
Start Date
End Date
The Rubin Israel Experience 10/28/2018 11/7/2018
Missouri Legislators Mission 12/1/2018 12/10/2018
Interfaith Couples Mission 5/12/2019 5/21/2019
The J’s Family Mission 2019 5/26/2019 6/9/2019
Israel Bound 6/3/2019 6/25/2019
Pride Mission with Jewish Federations of North America 6/6/2019 6/13/2019
JWRP MOMentum Israel Mission 7/28/19 8/7/2019
Show Me Israel Community Mission 2019 10/27/2019 11/4/2019

View materials for upcoming and previous Israel experiences using the flipbook below!

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