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What We Fund

Planning and Allocations

Jewish Federation of St. Louis is committed to the ongoing development and enhancement of a thriving Jewish community through the support of local, national and international agencies, programs, services and innovative projects. Each year, Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ Annual Campaign, targeted giving, ongoing planned giving opportunities and supporting foundations strategically allocate more than $13 million.

Allocations: Annual Campaign and Unrestricted Endowments

Types of Allocations

Israel & Overseas Partner Agency Allocations

Jewish Federation of St. Louis, through its unrestricted overseas allocation, funds programs and services of Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), and supports programs provided through ORT.

Learn more about our Israel and Overseas Partners.

Local Beneficiary Agency Allocations

Jewish Federation has 15 Partner Agencies that receive unrestricted funding each year to help support their capacity to serve the St. Louis Jewish community.

Learn more about our Beneficiary Agencies.

Strategic Program Grants

Strategic program grants support programs and services to engage both young families with children and young adults, support Jewish learning, educate and advocate for a strong Israel and safe Jewish world, and provide a safety net for vulnerable Jews.

Learn more about our Strategic Program Grants.

National Agencies Allocations

Jewish Federation of St. Louis funds the JCC Association, Hillel Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, American Jewish Committee, Anti-Defamation League, B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO), Israel Action Network (IAN), Moishe House and JPro Network. Part of the submission of each of these agencies/organizations is a breakdown of how the work that they do impacts our St. Louis community.

Learn more about our National Agencies.

Research Fund

Jewish Federation of St. Louis, in conjunction with local synagogues and other Jewish organizations, launched a study of the St. Louis area Jewish community in 2014 to determine its size, geographic distribution, socioeconomic, religious and cultural attributes. The St. Louis Jewish Community Study will help inform community planning, allocations and programming efforts for Jewish agencies and organizations for the next decade.

See our findings.

Sources of Funding

Sources of Funding


An Endowment is a fund of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis that provides an annual income or a tailored stream of payments to support programs, projects, agencies, organizations or initiatives of particular interest to you and your family.

Contact Michael Oberlander, Chief Philanthropy Officer, to learn more about setting up your own Endowment.

Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund is established exclusively for donor charitable giving. It enables donors to support causes they care about most and offers important tax advantages. The dollars donated to a Donor Advised Fund are invested, therefore maximizing their charitable impact while the donor retains the privilege to make allocations.

Contact Michael Oberlander, Chief Philanthropy Officer, to learn more about setting up your own Endowment.

Supporting Foundations

A Supporting Foundation is an independent tax-exempt entity with its own identity and corporate structure. It is governed and operated by its own Board of Trustees and qualifies as a public charity, and therefore, a tax-exempt entity, because of its affiliation with Jewish Federation of St. Louis.

See all our Supporting Foundations.


NOTE: All names are in alphabetical order by last name.

Planning and Allocations Committee

Committee Chair: Susan Schlichter
Committee Members: Douglas Baron, Burt Garland, Randall E. Green, Ruth Raskas, Jane Roodman Weiss, Craig L. Rosenthal, Sherry Shuman, Jeff Sparks, Leslie Sterman, Harvey Wallace
Staff: Stephen Cohen, Michael Oberlander, Andrew Rehfeld, Emily Bornstein, Lori Kabrun-Berry, Susan Scribner

Building a Vibrant Jewish St. Louis

Subcommittee Chair: Douglas Baron
Subcommittee Members: Daniel Buchalter, Eddie Cherry, Stephen M. Gallant, Sarah Kovenock, Adam Schneider, Elizabeth Wallace, David Weiss
Staff: Emily Bornstein, Planning and Allocations Associate,

Supporting Local Individuals in Need

Subcommittee Chair: Leslie Sterman
Subcommittee Members: Jon M. Baris, Rachel Cherrick, Carly Cooper, Gary S. Godwin, Josh Goldman, Aviva Raskas, Paul Sorenson, Lina D. Wallace, Laura Whalen, Jamie Zinn
Staff: Emily Bornstein, Planning and Allocations Associate,

Enhancing St. Louis’ Attachment to Israel

Subcommittee Chair: Burt Garland
Subcommittee Members: Cheryl Adelstein, Emily Corson, Alan Fine, Adam Herman, Douglas A. Kolker, Stan Margul, Russel Neiss, Ricki Rosen, David Sweeney, Susie Zimmerman
Staff: Lori Kabrun-Berry, Senior Planning and Allocations Associate,

Israel and Overseas Initiatives

Subcommittee Chair: Sherry Shuman
Subcommittee Members: Marcy Cornfeld, Patricia F. Croughan, Sherri Frank Weintrop, Michelle Hoberman, Felice T. Joyce, Michael Lefton, Ziva Misolovin, Rachel M. Pepe, Emily Stein MacDonald, Betsy Rubenstein, Susan Talve, Jeff Tucker, Stuart Zimmerman
Staff: Stephen Cohen, Vice President, Planning and Allocations,


Mindee Fredman, Director of Foundations,

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