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Emergencies Around the World

When need arises, the Jewish community of St. Louis plays a vital role in providing financial assistance to fund urgently needed basics like food and medicine, and long-term aid like trauma counseling.

This page provides timely news and updates on emergencies around the world, and will help you find proven resources to direct your contributions to areas of humanitarian crises, locally or internationally, whether the disasters be natural or man-made.

Friday, December 31, 2021  |  12:30 pm
From the Jewish Federation of Colorado

As we monitor the devastating conditions from the fires in Boulder and Jefferson Counties, JEWISHcolorado is reaching out to assist organizations serving those in need. We have opened a Colorado mailbox to ensure that contributions flow to those most impacted. 100% of contributions will go to relief efforts. We will continue to evaluate and address the situation. In the meantime, we send our love and best wishes to all the communities affected by the fires.

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