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Emergencies Around the World

When need arises, the Jewish community of St. Louis plays a vital role in providing financial assistance to fund urgently needed basics like food and medicine, and long-term aid like trauma counseling.

This page provides timely news and updates on emergencies around the world, and will help you find proven resources to direct your contributions to areas of humanitarian crises, locally or internationally, whether the disasters be natural or man-made.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021  |  10:30 am
From the Jewish Federations of North America

Since Sunday, Hurricane Ida, one of the strongest hurricanes ever to make landfall in the United States, has plunged large parts of Louisiana and Mississippi into darkness and destroyed many homes and businesses. On Monday, as Ida continued its destructive path as a tropical storm, communities began assessing the damage.

The conditions on the ground have made it difficult to see the full scope of the damage, but early indications make it clear that Jewish communities and others will have significant needs. Hundreds are still stranded, evacuation orders in New Orleans remain in place, and towns along the Gulf Coast remain flooded.

Jewish Federations are uniquely positioned to help at times of need such as these.

Local Federations and Network Communities in Louisiana and other potentially affected states including Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, laid the groundwork for a response ahead of the storm, while Federations in neighboring states such as Texas are already preparing to set up support in the forms of hot food, supply drives, temporary housing and childcare, coordination with aid organizations, and satellite services.

In order to bolster their efforts, JFNA has opened a dedicated national mailbox through our Emergency Committee—a volunteer body that allocates emergency funds collected to address disaster relief—to ensure that additional contributions flow to the affected communities. The Committee will continue to assess the needs and is prepared to offer additional support as needed.

We invite you to join us in supporting the relief efforts and to share this information with others in your community who might be inclined to donate to this cause.

Please contact Stephan Kline if you have questions or ways to help.


Mark Wilf
Chair, JFNA Board of Trustees

Wendy Abrams
Chair, JFNA Emergency Committee