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Community Impact

Since 1901, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis has been pursuing its mission to “preserve and enhance Jewish life in St. Louis, Israel, and around the globe.” Created to meet the needs of new immigrants from Eastern Europe by “federating” our social service fundraising efforts, our organization has transformed to address the changing needs of the Jewish people. Today, we are here to ensure that every individual can live their life with dignity, meaning, and purpose.

  • Dignity: Ensuring that the most vulnerable have a place to live, food to eat, and clothes to protect them.
  • Meaning: Providing points of access to anyone who wishes to make the Jewish community part of a life well lived.
  • Purpose: Guided by Jewish values, inspiring service to anyone in need.

Jewish Federation of St. Louis does this in two ways. The first is through our Community Impact team. Each year, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis works with our volunteer and professional community leadership to assess the needs of our community and establish strategic plans to sustain our vibrant Jewish ecosystem. Through our partnerships with thousands of donors, we then raise over $15 million each year to meet those needs. Our volunteers then lead a community investment process to get those funds working to fulfill our mission through agencies, congregations, organizations, and programs. Our team then evaluates those investments based on the impact they are having here in St. Louis, in Israel and wherever there is a need. This community impact and philanthropy work has been done since our inception in 1901 and remains the core of our work.

To ensure we are a leading agent for philanthropy in the St. Louis Jewish community, we have fine-tuned our process to involve six key steps, which we call the Jewish Community Foundation Model. This model helps us identify and address specific community needs and knits together our resource development work and community investment (grant-making) work.

Click here to learn more about our current Community Investments opportunities, sources of funds, how to apply for funds, and explore the programs we have supported in the past.

Last year, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis invested over $13 million to advance these philanthropic goals. In addition to our Community Impact work, for over 30 years we have provided direct services to the community through our Community Engagement department. Learn more about our Community Engagement department here.



There are currently four Supporting Foundations at the Jewish Federation of St. Louis. Each Supporting Foundation through the Jewish Federation of St. Louis has its own mission and vision to provide funding to key areas of interest. They are set up by philanthropic individuals, families, or groups who have a passion for a specific area of the Jewish community. These Foundations provide a unique opportunity for funding in a number of specialized areas. Learn more about each of our Supporting Foundations here.