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Jewish Federation of St. Louis is the Jewish community’s central philanthropic, planning, and community-building organization. Founded in 1901, we are one of the region’s most respected and effective nonprofit organizations. Our mission is to mobilize the Jewish community and its human and financial resources to preserve and enhance Jewish life in St. Louis, in Israel, and around the world.

We achieve this mission in three ways:

  1. Community Impact
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Operations


Community Impact

The Community Impact team invests in projects and organizations that advance our mission. There are six steps to our Jewish community Foundation Model:

  1. Establish strategic priorities based on our four Core Commitments.
  2. Assess the needs relative to the established priorities.
  3. Develop plans with community leadership to meet those needs (create a case for giving).
  4. Raise the financial resources to execute those plans by inspiring donors.
  5. Invest funds in the community to implement our plans developed in step 3.
  6. Evaluate the impact of those investments based on data.


Community Engagement

For over 30 years, the Community Engagement department has provided a variety of Jewish engagement, Jewish education, and operational support services for individual and organizations in the St. Louis Jewish community. The mission of our work is to build and strengthen community by connecting people to information, resources, services, and each other. We do this through a variety of programs designed to support and engage:

    • Adult learners
    • Families with young children
    • Schools and congregations
    • Those traveling to Israel
    • Developing community leaders
    • Seniors aging in place
    • College students and young adults
    • …and so many more!

Click here to learn more about the many organizations and programs that comprise our Community Engagement department.



The third function of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis is to work as an internal provider of operational support for the first two core functions, Community Impact and Community Engagement. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Marketing
    • Fiscal Services
    • Financial Statements
    • Facilities Management
    • Human Resources
    • Security

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