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Founded in 1901, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis is one of the region’s oldest and largest nonprofit organizations. We are part of a network of more than 150 Federations across North America. Originally, Federations around the country were developed to aid Jewish immigrants in need of social services. Today, our role has changed slightly but the Jewish Federation of St. Louis is stronger than ever.

In 2014, we began an effort to focus on greater engagement as a community development organization. We recognize that before individuals will be interested in supporting our work, they have to be engaged. By working on engagement first, we move from a model focused primarily on fundraising, to one that also inspires individuals to join together in our mission – where Jewish community is part of a life well lived.

However, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis is still a powerful engine for propelling the community’s dollars, decisively, effectively and efficiently. Each year, the Planning & Allocations Committee (P&A) operates as a “think tank,” the forum in which issues are laid out and overarching decisions and recommendations are made. P&A’s responsibilities include making recommendations on the continuance of existing agencies or admission of new beneficiary agencies, level of unrestricted allocations, the proportion of the allocable pool assigned to each subcommittee and the programs to be recommended for strategic program funding.

These funds are received through the Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ Annual Campaign, the Jewish community’s largest fundraising effort. The dollars raised support high-quality agencies, programs and services that sustain our community’s vision of a thriving, vibrant and engaged Jewish community. In addition to the unrestricted Annual Campaign, there are a number of Jewish Federation of St. Louis funds, endowments, legacy gifts and corporate sponsorships that provide a further source of program revenue for today and tomorrow.

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