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The Threats to Israel (they may not all be what you think)

Prof. Dan Ben-David came to St. Louis recently to talk about the work of his Shoresh Institution, an independent, non-partisan policy research center. The institution conducts evidence-based analyses of Israel’s economy and civil society. Ben-David explained to host Karen Sher, Federation’s Vice President of Community Engagement, about how deficiencies in education, health care, and other areas pose existential threats to the State of Israel. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Shaked Blog – February 3, 2020

Hi everyone, Another week here flew by! On Friday I had a meeting at the federation with Guy and Cynthia and from there we went together to ice skating at Kiener plaza park. It was so much fun! It’s been a while since I’ve done the last time (4 years) and I really...

Guy Blog – February 3, 2020

Hello everyone! I’d like to share with you all about my week. On Sunday morning I had Sunday school at UH. We had so much fun with the ‘Hebrew Race’ program I made. We were talking about how to write Hebrew, who re-created the Hebrew language, how we use it and more....

Empowering the Next Generation

On Monday, Jan. 27, which was International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the St. Louis Holocaust Museum & Learning Center announced that over the next two years it will undergo an $18 million expansion, tripling the size of the Museum. In this episode, new Museum Executive Firector Sandra Harris joins Karen Sher, Vice President of Community Engagement, to discuss her new position and the future of the Museum.

Guy Blog – January 27, 2020

Hello everyone! I’d like to share with you all about my week. So last week I went with NFTY UH youth group to spend the weekend in Denver, Colorado in a NFTY convention. It was the best time ever. I met a lot of new friends, spent time with old friends, learned more...