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Guy Blog – December 3, 2019

Shalom everyone! I had such a long and amazing week.  From Sunday to Wednesday I had the Shinshinim conference in Boston and Connecticut, I had the best time ever! I met all of my friends from the other communities in North America. I heard a lot of stories and...

Shaked Blog – November 15, 2019

Hi! I hope you all enjoyed your week because I did! On the weekend I went to the 6th grade retreat for three days and I really enjoyed my time with them! On Friday we went for a hike at night and learned to use our senses at night, and it was really nice and cold!! It...

Guy Blog – November 15, 2019

Hello everyone! I’d like to share with you all about my week! On Sunday I had Sunday school! I did 3 programs on that day. The first one was about Israel in general and we were talking about the places in Israel which everyone would like to live. My second program was...

Hear for Good on the Rocket Attacks Against Israel

As the violence in Israel and Gaza developed this week, our Hear for Good podcast taped a special episode to update our community on developments and Federation’s involvement with organizations providing aid to those affected. Host Karen Sher interviewed Mindee Fredman, who recently returned from a trip to Israel, and on Skype, Michael Oberlander, who was Federation’s Chief Philanthropy Officer and recently moved to Israel.