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The Rubin Israel Experience – Day 9, Our Last Day

Written by Mike Perry Waking up, I am sure we all shared the same sentiment; how can it be our last day? This group, which started as seven strangers, had now explored the Old City of Jaffa, shopped in the shuks of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, rode Segways, and explored Yokinam-Megido while experiencing Kibutz life….

The Rubin Israel Experience – Day 8

Written by Seth Albin Today, we started with another wonderful Israeli breakfast and had our PCR tests in anticipation of coming home. After breakfast, we hopped on the bus and headed to the Max Rayne Hand in Hand School Jerusalem, which was opened in 1998. On the way to the school, we learned about the…

The Rubin Israel Experience – Day 7

Written by Todd Nissenholtz Today was an extremely busy, educational, and relaxing day! We started out at Masada, where we learned the history of the mountain fortress and the attack of the Romans who overtook the Jews, but not before the Jews committed mass suicide in order to avoid their fate of torcher and slavery….

The Rubin Israel Experience – Day 6

Written Jennifer Lederman There is no better way to spend Shabbat than in Jerusalem. After an amazing, breakfast we started our day by walking to meet Rabbi Shimon for a tour of synagogues in the area. Along the way our conversant and very knowledgeable tour guide identified points of interest as we walked to meet…

The Rubin Israel Experience – Day 4

Written by Risa Brown Wow! What a day we had today. We started our morning off with a tour of Kibbutz Dalia. Moshe was our amazing tour guide. He has lived on the Kibbutz his whole life. Kibbutz Dalia started in 1939, and he was born in 1941. Next, we went to the Shvilim Center….

The Rubin Israel Experience – Day 3

Written by Risa Brown As sad as we were to leave Tel Aviv, we were excited for our next experience. After another delicious breakfast, we headed to Rabin Square Memorial. Yona shared the history of this monument with us as well as the legacy of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. We headed north along the coast…

The Rubin Israel Experience – Days 1 & 2

Written by Helen Petty After a 7 am flight from St. Louis, a six-hour layover in Newark , plus one overnight 10 hour flight to Tel Aviv on the biggest airplane I’ve ever seen we finally made it to Israel! It took some time to get out of the airport because of the new Covid…

Shinshinim IL offers teens an opportunity to learn and lead in Israel

Put your leadership skills to the test and represent your community in an exciting five-month journey in Israel. Shinshinim IL is a new and exclusive program designed specifically for American high school graduates who wish to spend this fall and winter in Israel. Participants will be in Israel from October 2021 to February 2022. First, spend October…