Women philanthropists are the change-makers and community-shapers of the world. We are sisters and daughters, mothers and friends, compassionate and committed women at every stage of life and career.

Women’s Philanthropy engages Jewish women in the fulfilling work of making the world a better place. We are building and supporting Jewish life for today and for generations to come. Jewish Federation of St. Louis inspires women’s passion for the programs and services we help support while also empowering leaders and decision-makers. Our collective philanthropy enriches our own lives while improving the lives of others.

If you would like to purchase jewelry associated with your giving level or upgrade your current pin, please contact Stacy Wagerman at or 314-442-3730. Information on giving levels and jewelry is below.


Giving Societies


Pearl Giving Society

Women who give an individual/family gift of $360 to $1,799
The Pearl Society recognizes women who give from the heart and desire to engage with the community through their philanthropy.

The Pearl Society Silver Hamsa Pendant and necklace is available for purchase for $99 including shipping, and features a silver Hamsa or “hand,” symbolizing the Hand of God. The Hamsa has a freshwater pearl inlay and floats elegantly on a black leather cord with a 2″ sterling silver extender. The letter pey, which represents the Hebrew word p’nina (pearl) is elegantly embossed on the back.


Pomegranate Giving Society

pomegranate2Women who give an individual/family gift of $1,800 to $4,999

The pomegranate is mentioned in the Torah, and the Midrash tells us that the pomegranate has 613 seeds, which corresponds with the number of mitzvot or commandments found in the Torah. Pomegranate members nurture, sustain and plant seeds for the future of our community.

A beautiful Pomegranate Pin is available for purchase for donors at this level. The cost of the pin is $220 plus shipping, and rubies can be added in for the seeds. The first ruby is $66, and each year, these donors will qualify for an additional “seed” or ruby for $39 by sustaining or adding to their gifts.

Each year, donors at this level are celebrated at a special appreciation event and new donors are recognized.


Lion of Judah Giving Society

Women who give an individual/family gift of $5,000 or more
The Lion of Judah is a symbol of today’s Jewish woman’s strength, her caring about the organized Jewish world and her financial commitment to the Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ Annual Campaign. Judah, one of the sons of our patriarch Jacob, was known for taking care of his brothers, symbolizing our need for Jews to take care of other Jews. There are more than 17,500 Lion of Judah women around the world!

A beautiful gold pin is available for purchase, and each year a woman sustains or increases her gift, she is eligible to have a small diamond set into the pin. The cost of the pin is $1,500-$1,700, depending on the price of gold. Lions can also upgrade their pins with an additional diamond every year and upgrade the stone in their Lion’s eye based on their level of giving.

There are nine giving levels within the Lion of Judah Society:
Diamond – $5,000
Ruby – $10,000
Sapphire – $18,000
Emerald – $25,000
Amethyst Diamond – $36,000
Canary Diamond – $50,000
Cognac Diamond – $75,000
White Gold with Black Diamond – $100,000
White Gold Diamond Pave – $250,000

Each year, donors at this level are celebrated at a special appreciation event and new donors are recognized. Lions are invited to the International Lion of Judah Conference, which is held every other year.


Lion of Judah Endowment

You can become a Forever Lion by making a planned gift of $125,000 or more that will sustain an annual gift in your name.

A Forever Lion may choose to enhance her Lion of Judah pin by adding a flame, known in Hebrew as or l’atid, to recognize this eternal commitment.

Forever Lions are invited to our Lion of Judah Appreciation Event and the Lion of Judah conference.

A Forever Lion can be established with an endowment, a bequest or a life insurance policy. A Jewish Federation of St. Louis endowment professional and financial and legal advisors can design a Forever Lion that will help you realize your philanthropic vision.