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Host Families

An important component of the program is the relationship developed with host families who house the Shinshinim throughout the year. A family hosts a Shinshin somewhere between 8-12 weeks so each Shinshin lives with a total of up to 5-6 host families. Per other communities, hosting a Shinshin has a tremendous impact and has proved to be a wonderful experience not only for the host family but for the Shinshinim as well.



We started our journey with an introduction to a young Shinshin from Israel and ended it with a lifelong son and brother.

Jennifer Pines

Our kids have a much more vivid picture of what life is like in Israel. They now want to go there to experience the culture, but more importantly, to visit Snir. It was great for my son to experience having an older brother and for my daughter to get to spend time with someone who shared her interests. We loved learning more about him, his family, his work in St. Louis, and what he hopes for his future.

Marissa Rosen

Opening your home and your heart to host a Shinshin can be one of the greatest gifts you can give your family. I am so happy I said YES to this amazing opportunity.

Abby Hahn

Hosting a Shinshin was a life changing experience for the better. We connected more with Israel and learned firsthand about different cultures and lifestyles. We are proud to say we have extended family in Israel now.

Melika Baumgarten


If you are interested in being a host family to a Shinshin, please refer to the guidelines which include the hosting requirements. If you would like to begin the application process, please fill out the application form. If you have any questions please contact Cynthia Wachtel, Shlichut Program Supervisor, at 314-442-3878 or at