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What is Millstone?

Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ Millstone Institute is a community-wide initiative to engage, develop and inspire leadership in the St. Louis Jewish community. As an initiative of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, we support the work of our Jewish community organizations, cultivate new leaders and strengthen the sense of connection among the staff and volunteers who lead the diverse non-profit, philanthropic, social services, educational and religious institutions that form the fabric of the St. Louis Jewish community.

The Institute is the first of its kind in the country, and believes that people who are stirred by the impulse to serve can enhance the leadership skills they possess, acquire and sharpen new skills, and assist other leaders in improving the lives of all the people of the St. Louis region. The model of collaboration demonstrated between staff and lay leaders and between organizations has been a model for other communities across the country.

The Institute’s workshops, seminars, and learning opportunities help current professionals, volunteers and board members advance their own leadership and strengthen their organizations.

A wide range of Institute initiatives allow aspiring and established volunteer leaders to share their experience and wisdom and forge personal relationships.

The Institute’s JProStl is a local association for staff who work in St. Louis Jewish community agencies, organizations or Jewish schools. JProStl helps professionals elevate their leadership and management skills, deepen their Jewish knowledge and strengthen their relationships with colleagues.

Initiatives are made possible by the generous support of the Lubin-Green Foundation, a supporting foundation of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, the Millstone Foundation, the Bill Solomon Family and Mont & Karen Levy. Coaching Academy and the Annual JProStl Recognition Luncheon are supported by Maryville University and Maryville University Hillel.

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Chair: Jonathan Deutsch

Advisory Committee Members: Cheryl Adelstein, Leenie Becker, Lauren R. Cohen, Deb Dubin, Paul Flotken, Phil Frischer, Jason Growe, Michael Kass, Mont S. Levy, Dee Mogerman, Rachel M. Pepe, Jane Roodman Weiss, Steven A. Rosenblum, Randi Schenberg, Robert Wasserman