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The Saul Brodsky Jewish Community Library provides Jewish literature, Jewish information and works of Jewish interest for education, learning, study and enjoyment to promote and preserve knowledge of Judaism, its heritage and its culture.

library-310 The library was established in May 1983 through the generosity of the Saul Brodsky family. It combined the libraries of the Tannie Lewin Library of the JCC, the Central Agency for Jewish Education, the St. Louis Center for Holocaust Studies, the Jewish Community Relations Council and the St. Louis Jewish Light into one central facility.

The Brodsky Library is the St. Louis Jewish community’s central and comprehensive source for Jewish literature, periodicals, research materials, music and videos. The Brodsky Library is a department of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis. Additional support comes from endowments and the Friends of the Brodsky Library.

Library services are available to the entire greater St. Louis community.