Jewish Federation Annual Report and FinancialsJewish Federation of St. Louis is a responsible steward of the community’s money. As a charitable nonprofit organization, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis is required to receive an independent audit annually. An independent audit is an examination of the financial records, accounts, business transactions, accounting practices and internal controls of a charitable nonprofit by an independent auditor.

During the independent audit, the auditor will review the organization’s financial statements to determine whether they adhere to “generally accepted accounting principles.” Then, the Financial Accounting Standards Board principles require the auditors to issue a report to the board of directors of the nonprofit expressing a professional opinion about the organization’s financial practices; specifically, whether the financial statements “fairly present the financial position of the organization” without any inaccuracies or material misrepresentations.


Jewish Federation of St. Louis Annual Report

Each year, we publish a Jewish Federation Annual Report to show the community and our supporters how we’re living up to our Core Commitments. In addition to providing data on our investments, fundraising and expenditures, you can learn more about our services and find ways to connect with fellow Jews in St. Louis. Click here to see the 2020 Annual Report. 

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