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Millstone Fellows 2024: Creating your leadership community

Applications are closed. We look forward to announcing the participants in the 2024 Millstone Fellows.

The 2024 cohort of Millstone Fellows is a collaborative leadership training program designed for individuals seeking increased involvement in the Jewish community. Through eight interactive sessions, participants will experience personal growth while building connections with a diverse cross-section of community members. Millstone Fellows form new relationships, increase awareness, and develop tools that deepen community in ways that feel meaningful to them.

Through deep and thoughtful discussion with peers, Fellows will

  • Build connections, develop friendships, and explore the diversity of Jewish identities.
  • Explore how personal values and commitments align with Jewish traditions.
  • Tackle challenging conversations that broaden perspectives.
  • Gain skills and confidence for effective leadership.

Program Details

Facilitated by Lauren Cohen, JD, PCC, CEO Lauren Cohen Coaching. Program fee $399. Scholarship and payment plans are available based on need.

For details and information about Millstone Fellows contact Marci Mayer Eisen, Director Millstone Leadership Initiatives, or Carly Ferdman MSW Practicum Student,

Learn About Facilitator Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen, JD, PCC has spent her career helping leaders solve business and people problems. She brings out the best in people, and she’s on a mission to make work a more energizing and meaningful experience. Lauren believes the best way to do that is by developing leaders that people want to work with and creating team conditions that inspire everyone to do their best work. Lauren is the founder and CEO of Lauren Cohen Coaching, a premier executive coaching and leadership advisory firm based in St. Louis and serving clients nationally. Her firm supports executive leaders and top teams in amplifying strengths, executing critical strategic initiatives with less friction, and cultivating a “play to win” mindset so they can perform optimally. Prior to becoming a Certified Professional Coach, Lauren advised companies from startup to Fortune size in a variety of complex commercial litigation matters. In her coaching practice, she draws heavily on her experiences as a problem-solver, advisor, business partner, and law firm leader. Lauren received both her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and her J.D. from Washington University in St. Louis.

A native of New Orleans, Lauren credits the Jewish Federation with helping her family establish roots in St. Louis. She understands the importance of a thriving Jewish Community and is invested in helping grow tomorrow’s leaders. Lauren currently serves on the boards of the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis and the Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School. She previously served Jewish Federation as a YPD Board Member, Professional Societies Advisory Council Member, Professional Society’s ‘Women’s Initiative’ Chair, Access Leadership Co-Chair and Co-Facilitator. In 2019, Lauren was the recipient of the Jewish Federation’s esteemed David N. and Roselin Grosberg Young Leadership Award.

2024 Schedule and Topics

Opening Reception, Private home
Thursday, February 22nd, 7:00-8:15pm

Session 1: Building our Millstone Fellows Community
Sunday, March 3rd, 9:30am-1:30pm

Session 2: Leadership Presence
Wednesday, March 27th, 6:30-8:30pm

Session 3: Jewish Identity, Jewish Peoplehood
Monday, April 15th, 6:30-8:30pm

Session 4: Understanding Israel Today
Tuesday, May 7th, 6:30-8:30pm

Session 5: Giving Voice to Your Story
Thursday, June 6th, 6:30-8:30pm

Session 6: Appreciating Difference
Tuesday, July 9th, 6:30-8:30pm

Session 7: Philanthropy – Cultivating the Value of Generosity
Wednesday, August 28th, 6:30-8:30pm

Session 8: Showing Up, From Ideas to Action
Thursday, September 19th, 6:30-8:30pm

Concluding Reception, Private home
Tuesday, October 29th, 7:00-8:30pm

Presidents Circle
Thursday, November 21st, 5:00-7:00pm


“The Millstone Fellows Leadership program was an enriching experience. I appreciated the opportunity to connect with individuals from various Jewish backgrounds, engage with diverse perspectives and fresh ideas and enhance my leadership skills. It has been a valuable step on my journey of personal and professional growth.” – Daniel Stark, Cohort 8

“The program has given me the skills to tackle the challenges in my community with confidence. More importantly, it reminded me that although the other Fellows and I may practice our Judaism in different ways and spaces, we are more alike than we are different.” – Judith Frankiel, Cohort 6

“Participating in the Millstone Fellows program helped me grow as a leader within the Jewish community. At each month’s meeting, I enjoyed seeing my cohort of Fellows who brought a variety of perspectives and diverse opinions from within the St. Louis Jewish community.” – Neil Jaffe, Cohort 6

“I still use many of the skills I learned and insights I gathered as a participant in this program. For me, it was life-changing and I am proud to call myself an alumni.” – Karen Glazier Korn, Cohort 5

Millstone Fellows Alumni

Amy Abramson 2017
Seth Albin 2022
Tammy Arnow 2015
Jake Asher 2016
Andrew Babitz 2014
Debbie Banashek-Twist 2016
Naomi Barasch 2016
Jay Baumohl 2017
Hila Ben Abraham 2022
Amy Bender-Levy 2013
Jennifer Bernstein 2017
Patty Bloom 2013
Erica Brasken 2019
Mariel Brechner 2022
Hilary Cedergreen 2012
Jason Cohen 2012
Yosef David 2014
Stephen Davis 2019
Shelley Dean 2013
Autumn Dennis 2022
Beth Deutsch 2016
Rachel Deutsch 2019
Tom Eidelman 2013
Sarah Falkoff 2015
Alan Fine 2014
Jennifer Fishering 2017
Ted Flom 2013
J J Flotken 2012
Emily Follman 2015
Shmuel Freedman 2015
Phil Frischer 2012
Laurie Furman 2019
Amy Gage 2017
Burton Garland 2013
Joseph Gerchen 2017
Julie Gibbs 2013
Evan Glantz 2017
Jeffrey Glogower 2013
Jeremy Goldberg 2022
Caroline Goldenberg 2017
Josh Goldman 2012
Alexandra Goldsmith 2012
Abby Goldstein 2015
Adam Goldstein 2017
Traci Goldstein 2019
Jessica Goltzman 2022
Sabrina Gornish 2019
Anthony Granillo 2013
Charles Gross 2012
Geoffrey Gross 2014
Lisa Hirshberg 2019
Yale Hollander 2014
Ted Houser 2015
Elisa Israel 2015
Marc Jacob 2012
Marc Jacob 2015
Neil Jaffe 2017
Scott Kaar 2016
Michael Kass 2013
Elliott Kleiman 2019
Julia Kofkoff Gould 2019
Douglas Kolker 2015
Karen Korn 2016
Lea-Rachel Kosnik 2022
Sarah Kovenock 2013
Daniel Kraus 2019
Brenda Ladin 2017
Amy Lampert 2017
Jennifer Lederman 2022
James Levey 2012
Ken Levine 2016
Jenna Lew-Feit 2022
Elizabeth Lieberman 2019
Kim Lieberman 2013
Kevin Litt 2022
Matthew Litwack 2014
Lauren Lourie 2017
Emily Luten Maltby 2016
Steven Malter 2012
Weston Manley 2016
Abbi Marks-Mazur 2017
Michelle Mills 2014
Randi Mozenter 2015
Dimitar Mushkov 2015
Russel Neiss 2014
Brian Newman 2015
Andrew Oberman 2016
Stacey Owens 2019
Julia Partin 2013
Rachel Pepe 2012
Helen Petty 2022
Ron Present 2012
Nicole Rainey 2012
Arza Raviv 2019
Edward Reggi 2012
Sharon Remis 2017
William Remis 2016
Marissa Rosen 2016
Adam Rosenberg 2022
Zev Rosenberg 2017
David Rosenstock 2014
Avigail Rosenzweig 2013
Ryia Ross-Peterson 2019
William Rubenstein 2013
Jonathan Sachs 2016
Amy Scharff 2014
Lilly Scharff 2013
David Schenberg 2015
Jennifer Schmitz 2012
Christine Schulze 2019
Anna Shabsin 2013
Andrew Sharon 2016
Barbara Sherer 2014
Sherry Shuman 2015
Ian Silberman 2012
Benjamin Singer 2022
Abbey Small 2013
Bradley Snitzer 2014
Yona Spiegelglass 2022
Daniel Stark 2022
Julie Stern 2015
Amy Stone 2014
Rachel Thimangu 2019
Aaron Vickar 2013
Joshua Wallach 2014
Robert Wasserman 2013
Marjorie Weisman 2013
Stephen Wertman 2014
Laura Whalen 2015
Greg Yawitz 2012
Julie Zuick 2019
Esther Zuravin 2016

Honoring the Legacy of Isadore Millstone

Isadore Millstone z”l (1907 – 2009) is remembered as the patriarch of the Jewish community of St. Louis, a visionary, philanthropist, and leader. The Millstone Fellows program, established in 2010 by his grandson, Bob Millstone, past president of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and JCRC, recognizes that an ongoing leadership program, bringing together emerging and established leaders of all backgrounds, is one of the most important ways to honor Isadore’s memory. Honoring Isadore Millstone’s extensive legacy has also been a priority of the Lubin-Green Foundation, a supporting foundation of Jewish Federation, and Mont & Karen Levy.

The legacy of Isadore Millstone

Mr. Millstone explained his charitable activities as a privilege, not as an obligation. His vision, leadership, achievements and selfless philanthropy were legendary and unparalleled at that time. He shaped the future of the Jewish community of St. Louis, across the United States, in Israel, and around the world.

Mr. Millstone is remembered for his countless accomplishments with impact felt today and for generations to come. In the St. Louis Jewish community he is best known for his bold vision to purchase the original 108 acres at Lindbergh Boulevard and Schuetz Road as the location for the JCCA of St. Louis, formerly known as the YMHA or the “Y,” later becoming The J. Millstone called his purchase and donation the best real estate development he ever made. While the majority of the Jewish community felt that it was foolish to purchase land so “far out,” Isadore saw the land as the future nerve center for the entire Jewish community.

Few sites in the St. Louis area have not seen the impact of his work and his involvement. A pioneer in the use of reinforced concrete, he founded Millstone Construction, Inc., at age 22 and went on to build the former Busch Stadium and the Milles Fountain, along with numerous office towers and shopping malls, highways and bridges in St. Louis and across the United States.

Mr. Millstone was among a handful of design and building professionals who traveled to Israel in its first years of independence, helping Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, launch a major building projects. He wanted to use sturdy materials that were indigenous to Israel so that the housing units would be well-built rather than temporary stop-gaps. He was committed to investing in both infrastructure and jobs for Israelis. He supported many organizations and schools in Israel including Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology, and the Israel campus of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

Millstone was also a major benefactor of Washington University in St. Louis, his alma mater, supporting numerous student scholarships along with the Millstone Plaza at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Millstone Pool. Millstone was a champion swimmer and diver as a student at the university. He was also a life member of the university’s board of trustees. Washington University honored him with engineering and architecture alumni awards, the Robert S. Brookings Award, the William Greenleaf Eliot Society Search Award, a University Alumni Citation, and an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

Marci Mayer Eisen heard Mr. Millstone speak many times when she was a staff person at the JCC. In the mid-90’s Marci coordinated a leadership training program for young adults while planning for the opening of the JCC Fox Building in Chesterfield. The theme was “Past, Present and Future” Mr. Millstone eloquently spoke about the past. Research on successful organizations describes the importance of connecting to the history of that organization and no one could describe the history of St. Louis and the Jewish community as eloquently or as personally as Mr. Millstone. It truly is a privilege for Jewish Federation of St. Louis to help remember Mr. Millstone’s legacy through the Millstone leadership initiatives.

Millstone Leadership Initiatives are generously supported by Mont & Karen Levy and The Lubin Green Foundation (a supporting foundation of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis).