Educational Councils

Jewish Federation of St. Louis is honored to support the work of our community’s three educational councils.


Early Childhood (ECC Council) Directors

The Early Childhood Directors’ Council is comprised of the directors of the ten Jewish early childhood centers in the St. Louis community. The Council facilitates collaborations among the schools as they support one another and engage in opportunities and experiences together around: Professional Development for staff, community visioning and goal-setting, marketing and recruitment, and local and national advocacy.


Religious School Directors Council

The Religious Schools Directors’ Council is a partnership of the heads of Jewish supplemental schools in the St. Louis community. The council serves as a network of support for school directors, a forum to discuss community issues and challenges, a team to plan city-wide professional development for Jewish supplemental school educators and staff, and an advisory group for shared engagement in the St. Louis Jewish community and beyond.


The Youth Professionals Council

The Youth Professionals Council includes staff who work in youth groups and any Jewish teen-serving organizations across the community. The council builds a network of colleagues who can strengthen their work through collaboration and professional learning. The council also occasionally brings together teens from all the various organizations for city-wide events.