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Throughout the year, our congregations, agencies and organizations welcome outstanding Jewish speakers and thought leaders to the St. Louis Jewish Community. As part of an ongoing effort to highlight and coordinate these wonderful opportunities, Jewish Federation of St. Louis can help you publicize these events through a community-wide speaker series called Sh’ma: Listen! that will draw attention to these programs.

The Sh’ma: Listen! Speaker Series is designed to promote a wide variety of engaging speakers that are planning to visit our community seasonally. Our goal is to collectively brand and market your existing events to maximize their impact in our community and help strengthen your own efforts to build your organizations.

Each season (three or four times a year, depending on demand):

  • Jewish Federation of St. Louis will invite congregations, agencies and organizations to submit up to three speaker programs for consideration in the Sh’ma: Listen! series.
  • Each organization will have the opportunity to list up to three events per time period; you may charge a fee for these events and there may be limited seating, but the event itself must be open to the entire community.
  • Jewish Federation of St. Louis will brand and publish materials in a wide variety of outlets:,, advertisements, community e-blasts and other targeted communications, as necessary.
  • Jewish Federation of St. Louis may add selected speakers to the series as a part of its own guest speaker initiative. The venues for these speakers will be rotated throughout the community.

We are excited to spread awareness about these speakers as part of our Community Development efforts. Thank you for partnering with us to make the Sh’ma: Listen! Speaker Series a success throughout our community.

Speaker Submissions

We are currently accepting submissions for local events featuring Jewish speakers and other lecturers who broaden the understanding of Jewish living. If you’d like to promote your event as part of our St. Louis speaker series, submit your information today.

For more information about Jewish speakers coming to our community or how to participate, contact Cyndee Levy at 314-442-3754 or

Sh’ma: Listen! is made possible through the generous support of the Lubin-Green Foundation, a Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.

The Sh’ma: Listen! Speakers Series promotes engagement with a wide spectrum of ideas as a means to deepen our community’s education and commitment to Jewish life. The views expressed by speakers are their own and not necessarily those of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis or the Center for Jewish Learning.

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