Written by Todd Nissenholtz

Today was an extremely busy, educational, and relaxing day! We started out at Masada, where we learned the history of the mountain fortress and the attack of the Romans who overtook the Jews, but not before the Jews committed mass suicide in order to avoid their fate of torcher and slavery. The climb to the top was taxing, but well worth the views from the top.

After spending a couple hours on the mountain, we had earned some well needed R&R, and headed South to the resorts of the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. Upon arrival, we floated in the sea, took in some sun, and largely just took it easy. It was spectacular and a great way to recharge our batteries.

Feeling refreshed, it was time for dinner. But not just any dinner, we jumped in the van and headed to the desert where we were treated to an amazing dinner and experience. The menu consisted of a stunning sunset over Jerusalem in the distance, wine, hummus, traditional Israeli salads, and stories around the camp fire. All in all, we experienced all geographic aspects of Israel in a day. We saw the mountains, sea, and desert. A day truly like no other.