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Interest: Community Study

Federation to Present Discussion of Pew Survey at Meeting

Dr. Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz, advisor to the report on American Jewish life, to speak  Jewish Federation of St. Louis announces Dr. Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz will speak on the Pew Research Center survey of U.S. Jews at a special open meeting of the Board of Trustees at 5 pm on December 16 in the Federation Board Room. Dr….

The Pew Study

Two weeks ago the Pew Center published its report on American Jewish life that reported what many of us highly suspected:  American Jews are, like most Americans, becoming less religiously identified, more intermarried and assimilated.  The Pew Study is the most  significant demographic study of the American Jewish community completed since 2000 and has received extensive…

Senior Services: To Jews as Jews…and as Jews to All

One possible result of a demographic study is the discovery that we have a large number of what I have called “orphaned seniors:” members of our community whose children live outside of St. Louis and thus who do not benefit from the informal social support that in-town family provide. The unexpected “drop by” by an…

Just how many Jews are there in St. Louis?!

If you’ve lived in St. Louis anytime over the last 20 years you probably “know” that our population is 60,000 people. Actually we do not really know that: the estimate was based on a study begun 20 years ago and a good deal has changed in the region since then. Because of these changes, and…