The deadliest act of anti-Semitism in North American history requires the greatest act of solidarity.

That’s why the Jewish Federation of St. Louis is joining with major religious streams for a Solidarity Shabbat this Friday night or Saturday morning.

Solidarity Shabbat is a spiritual convening across North America. This solemn and meaningful occasion is meant to both mourn the victims in Pittsburgh as well as to demonstrate that our Jewish communities will not be intimidated.

What do we do when the unspeakable happens? We stand together. From New Mexico to New York, Los Angeles to Long Island, and right here in St. Louis, Jewish community members – united with good, decent people everywhere – will mourn the victims and affirm the importance we place on religious freedom by all being together, in synagogue.

To find a list of synagogues in our community, go to Learn more about Solidarity Shabbat at

If you would like to make a donation to Pittsburgh, you can do so through the Victims of Terror Fund at

Please join with Jews across America for our Solidarity Shabbat.