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Update on 9/10/2018: The SPREAD THE LIGHT website is no longer live. If you have any questions about the site please reach out to us.

Jewish Federation of St. Louis has recently updated their SPREAD THE LIGHT website that allows parents to purchase virtual candles that their children can then allocate to different needs in our community. During the process, families are encouraged to learn about and discuss the importance of giving to those in need. Four child-friendly videos about how you can make a difference and the needs in the community have been embedded on the site to start the conversation.

Each $18 donation purchases one virtual candle for one child. A full menorah of nine candles can be purchased at a discounted price. Once the candles are purchased, parents can print a gift certificate with a custom login code to give to their child during Chanukah. Each gift and candle allocation is recorded on the site, allowing families to instantly see the impact that giving is making in the community.

SPREAD THE LIGHT provides a long-needed way for parents to begin discussions about giving and philanthropy with young children. Learn more at