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Recently, members of The Rubin Israel Experience “Class 8” gathered under the sukkah along with past Rubinites to share stories and advice for the upcoming 8th trip departing on October 11th.   Many shared their excitement as they recalled being in this same place in past years, excited to experience Israel for the first time and how badly they wanted to stow away in our suitcases to return again.

“Class 8” has spent months learning together and getting to know each other to prepare for the trip. Past Rubinites shared touching stores about their “aha” moments,  the closeness they still have to their travelling companions, how they have become more involved in the community since they returned and the unanimous gratitude to Pam and Ron Rubin for creating this wonderful opportunity that lasts long after the 10-day trip itself.

Advice on what to bring, what not to bring, sleeping on airplanes, what to eat, how to shop, who’s packing what gifts for our host families… the details and the excitement are growing each day now. Normally, our lives are busy with work, family and other daily responsibilities. Above all other advice we were encouraged to focus on the experience and try to be present in the moments we are about to experience together with our new family. While there may be other trips to Israel, there is only one Rubin Israel Experience.

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