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Susan Mlynarczyk gives because she hopes that she can make a difference.  “Hopefully, by volunteering and giving, I can help make the community a little bit better,” she says.

“I give to certain charities that I believe do really good things, but with Federation I am giving to organizations that I don’t even know need help,” Mlynarczyk says.  “It’s hard for individuals to know all of the specific needs of our community.  We don’t have to because with the Federation we are helping the community as a whole and filling in the gaps where there are needs, but not necessarily broad awareness about those needs.”

Mlynarczyk, who is on the board of the Jewish Community Relations Council and a member of Federation’s Budget, Finance, and Administration Committee, is appreciative of the St. Louis Jewish community.  “The community is important to me and my family,” she says. “It is a good community, it’s active, and it’s proactive.”


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