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Our family has a tradition of constructing rather unconventional sukkot each year.  Under my wife’s guidance, we put up sheets, or make other provisions to construct what I like to call a “house outside of our home.”  Truth be told, it’s not really all the family that has done this–if I were involved I would seriously set back the process by weeks.

But this year, we purchased a bona fide Sukkot Kit from Sukkah Project and now have a terrific sukkah that we have enjoyed so far for the holiday.  We invited some friends the Shabsins (Anna’s a current Millstone Fellow) and put it together in about 45 minutes, about 3 times longer than the estimated construction time.

IMG_1777 IMG_1782 IMG_1783

After we were done making it, we discovered that we had an infestation of bees.  My 18 yo son Hoben got fitted in a home-made bee suit, and took care of the problem, thanks to the folks at Dow Chemical.




I hope your holidays continue to be enjoyable and meaningful.

Shana Tova!