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To: St. Louis Jewish Community Leadership
From: Sanford Neuman, Chair Board Development & Nominating Committee
Re: Recommending Candidates for Jewish Federation Boards of Trustees and Directors

Jewish Federation is accepting suggestions for board member positions.

The Jewish Federation lay governance system consists of:

  • A currently 30 member governing Board of Directors.
  • A broadly constituted Board of Trustees of between 125 – 145 members serving primarily in a strategic, consultative, advisory role, with ultimate oversight responsibilities for the community through election of the “at-large members” to the Board of Directors and requisite approval of any proposed By-Law changes (the By-Laws are the operative governance document for the Federation). Apart from any special meetings, the Board of Trustees meets quarterly and focuses on major strategic and priority issues facing the Jewish people and St. Louis Jewish community.

We seek your suggestions for members at large on the governing Board of Directors. Nine members will be nominated for a two year term. The Federation seeks a broadly diverse board, but members must have demonstrated leadership experience and skill and significant knowledge of the Jewish world, its institutions and major issues and agendas.

We also are seeking your suggestion for members at large on the Board of Trustees. As many as 18 members at large will be nominated for a two year term. The composition of this Board includes:

  • Officers and members of the Board of Directors (30-32)
  • Council of Life Members (32)
  • All standing committee chairs, not otherwise members of the Board of Directors (maximum of 8)
  • Chairs of major Federation campaign divisions and planning & allocations subcommittees (maximum of 14)
  • Chief volunteer officer of each local Beneficiary or Associate agency (16). Chief professional officers are invited as guests
  • Chairs of each St. Louis rabbinic association (4)
  • College and High School student representatives (4)
  • Members at Large (25 -35)

As the Governance Task Force report states, we are especially desirous of having the Members at Large bring, “broad stakeholder participation and be drawn from: major donors, congregations, and non-funded organizations, special populations, academia and general civic leadership.” We also seek diversity in age, gender, background, economic capability, Jewish religious identification, geography, and personal Jewish priorities.

Please consider suggesting individuals who you believe bring unique and diverse points of view or special talents that will enhance the ability of Federation to plan for and meet the needs of the entire Jewish community.

We would appreciate your providing a brief biographical sketch of each candidate you suggest including address, approximate age, occupation, major Jewish and secular volunteer roles and achievements, congregational affiliation (if any) and why you propose the individual. Please mail these – no later than February 15, 2013 – to the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, 12 Millstone Campus Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146 and mark attn: Sanford Neuman, Chair Board Development & Nominating Committee or Mindee Fredman or e-mail to

Two final notes:

  1. We will maintain the list of suggested candidates in confidence; and since we anticipate the number of recommendations to exceed the potential number of Members-at Large, not all recommendations will result in nomination. Accordingly, please do not discuss your recommendation with the proposed candidate. We would hate to disappoint someone.
  2. All members of both the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors are required to be donors and supporters of the Federation annual campaign. While we expect such members’ gift to be an “honest” gift relative to the individual and his/her circumstances, the size of gift is not a factor for selection. However, the commitment to the annual campaign, as reflected in past, current and prospective capacity for giving may be taken into consideration by you and by the Nominating Committee.

Thank you for your consideration and recommendations.