Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign

Thank you so much for helping raise funds for the Jewish Federation of St. Louis. Our work is possible because of our incredible community of people just like you! This year we’ve set up an easy peer-to-peer toolkit for you to make your impact even greater. What is peer-to-peer fundraising? It’s when people like you share with your community why you support an organization, what impact they’ve made and help raise even more money to continue that great work.

Best of all? We’ve made it incredibly easy for you. We have set up some simple step-by-step instructions, ideas for how to share your story and more to make it easy for you to help.

For this year’s Peer-to-Peer campaign, we are using Facebook as our way of reaching people. The first step in your Facebook Peer-to-Peer campaign is to set it up on your page. 

By clicking the link below it will automatically create a post for you to make your own and start raising money for Federation.

Making it your own: Edits can be made on the left hand side under DETAILS

  1. The first thing you can specify is how much money you want to raise (we suggest $500, but make it your own!).
  2. Edit the end of the fundraiser to the correct end date (we suggest starting 11/28 and going through 12/31).
  3. Edit the title and description if you would like. Feel free to make the description and your reasoning behind donating and appealing for others to donate personal/customized.
  4. Create the campaign.

It’s that easy!

How to share?

Now you can create a post and share it with your friends and family. But what goes in the post?

You can use our template below or write your own. The most powerful tool you have here is your story, so share it! Say why you personally support the Jewish Federation and what they’ve done for the community.

Here is my post:

Template post content:

You can copy and paste this right into your Facebook post!
Help me support the Jewish Federation of St. Louis! For 120 years the Federation has kept going strong. The Federation has
stayed resolute and connected—while also helping those in need here at home, in Israel, Ukraine, and worldwide.

I am asking you to donate to help the Federation continue its work of preserving and enhancing Jewish life. I support the Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ goals to provide an engaging, vibrant, and safe Jewish community.

Now share your story and don’t be afraid to make it personal! Try a prompt like:
The Federation has helped me/someone in my community through
The reason I love the Federation is
I support the vision and work of the Federation because

Now if you want you can add an image or video to your post. If you have one of your own to use, all the better! We also have a few images below that can use for your post.

If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to Amanda Miller,

Thank you so much for helping with our first P2P fundraiser. We can’t wait to hear from you about how it went.