The results of the 2014 St. Louis Jewish Community Study are based on a telephone survey conducted in April – June 2014. The questionnaire was developed with significant community input, including: meetings with community rabbis, Jewish agency and school executives, lay leadership, young adults, Jewish Federation staff and the Community Study Advisory Committee. The goal was to ensure that the questionnaire reflected the broadest possible community interests.

The results of the Study are based on a state-of-the-art survey sampling method. 181,762 randomly generated telephone numbers were called, including 38,344 cell phone numbers. 9,493 households (Jewish and non-Jewish) answered a three-to-five minute “screener,” which determined whether there was an adult in the household who self-identified as Jewish, and was used to establish a baseline for population estimates. Extensive interviews were conducted with 1,003 respondents in Jewish households. 83% of all eligible Jewish households who answered the phone agreed to complete the interview. The sampling error for data based on all 1,003 survey respondents is +/- 4.5% with a 95% confidence level (including design effect).

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