2023 JProStL Peer Award Nominations

JProStL Peer Award Nomination Criteria

Thank you for your interest in nominating someone for a JProStL Peer Award. Before completing the nomination form at the bottom of this page, please carefully review the nomination criteria and category descriptions below.

  • Nominators (person submitting) must currently work for a Jewish organization.
  • Nominations must be submitted by completing this form.
  • Nominations will be reviewed by a committee that represents the diversity of our professional community and includes two Peer Awards co-chairs, past JProStL Award Recipients, as well as the JProStL President and Special Events Chair.
  • The senior staff person (CEO/Executive or Clergy of the nominee’s organization) must be informed of the nomination prior to submitting it.
  • If there are known additional nominators, it is preferred for the nominators to collaborate on one nomination, rather than submitting similar multiple nominations (unless referring to work at a different organization).
  • Please keep nominations confidential to prevent disappointment on the part of the nominee.
  • Selections will be based on the content of the nomination.

For questions, please contact Marci Mayer Eisen at MEisen@JFedSTL.org or 314-442-3810.

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, January 3, 2023, at 9 am. Prior to submission, we recommend saving your responses in a separate document.


JProStL Peer Award Category Descriptions

Career Achievement – An experienced professional with over 20 years professional experience (including at least ten in the St. Louis Jewish community) who has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and effectiveness throughout their career.

Chesed/Kindness – A direct service or front line staff person who provides exceptional care and kindness to clients/members/volunteers.

Dedication – An administrative support staff, executive assistant, facilities staff, or other support staff member who consistently demonstrates assistance, dedication and effectiveness to colleagues and their organization.

Emerging Leader – A staff person under 35 years of age who demonstrates exceptional initiative, dedication and effectiveness within their organization.

Educator – A teacher who nurtures Jewish identity, develops innovative curriculum, is seen as a role model and has a recognized impact at the school, congregation, agency and/or community.

Mentor – A manager/supervisor who is seen as a role model and provides valued guidance and support to supervisees, colleagues and/or volunteer leaders.

Pillar – A staff person whose work directly supports the organization’s mission and is essential to the creation of meaningful programs, commitment to successful collaborations and/or contributes directly to the growth and recognition of the organization.

Visionary – An established professional leader who demonstrates professional leadership and has had a significant impact on the organization and community through innovation in program development, outreach and or/collaborations.