Israel Community Partners

Impact in Israel

Join us to learn more about two organizations that are making an impact on Israeli society. Our two speakers represent organizations in Israel supported by Jewish Federation. They will each share about the work they are doing, the challenges they are facing and the impact on Israeli lives.


Thursday, March 2 at 7 pm at Federation
Dan Ben David, President of the Shoresh Institution
Shoresh is an independent socioeconomic policy research institution whose sole raison d’être is to identify the source, nature and scope of Israel’s internal root (shoresh) existential challenges. The Shoresh Institution provides evidence-based analyses – essential for strategic perspectives and transformative policies at the national level – to Israel’s leading policymakers and the general public to assist in moving the country towards a sustainable long-term trajectory that raises Israel’s living standards while reducing disparity among its citizens. Dan will share examples of Shoresh’s evidence-based analyses that are helping to transform policies in a number of important areas in Israel.


Tuesday, March 21 at 7 pm at Federation
Transcending the Israeli Culture Wars: A Democracy of the Common Good – A conversation with Dr. Eilon Schwartz, Founder of Shaharit.
Israel, like most liberal democracies throughout the world, is in the midst of a culture war that threatens to tear it apart. The fight over judicial reform is the latest chapter in an escalating cycle. The “other side” is no longer a political adversary; they are the enemy. The only way forward is through a politics of relationships. Not to convert, but to engage. To reach across the aisle with curiosity and empathy and a commitment to a future together. Over a decade of work, Shaharit has cultivated partners who are deeply rooted in every one of Israel’s communities. Against the backdrop of the culture wars, is a politics of the common good possible? Shaharit, is a mix of thinktank, leadership incubator, and community organizing that is nurturing a new social partnership among all of Israel’s communities and is a Jewish Federation partner organization.