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Ben-Gurion Society


The Young Ben-Gurion Society (YBGS) is an outlet for young philanthropists in the community to express their philanthropic generosity, volunteer for community efforts, receive education on Jewish communal issues, and enhance their leadership skills and knowledge on issues that concern all of us. The goal of YBGS is to bring people together to make a difference building a brighter Jewish future.


Member Benefits

The Young Ben-Gurion Society is a giving society for donors between the ages 30-45 who make a household gift of $1,000 or more to the Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ Annual Campaign, or donors under the age of 30 who make a househould gift of $500 or more to the Annual Campaign.

Being a YBGS member gives you access to special, members-only opportunities where you can network with other young philanthropists and engage with top business and philanthropic leaders in our local and national community.


Society Objectives

  • Develop a sense of camaraderie among local young Jewish philanthropic leaders within the context of the organized Jewish community.
  • Provide a mechanism for welcoming new young Jewish professionals into the community to serve as a forum for issues from a Jewish perspective and as a resource for the Jewish and general communities.
  • Support the activities of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and contribute financial resources to assist in maximizing gifts from Jewish men and women younger than the age of 45, preserving and enhancing Jewish life in St. Louis.
  • Strengthen our commitment to Jewish values and traditions through educational and cultural programs and activities.
  • Foster the development of leadership roles for Jewish professionals within the organized Jewish community.


More Information

For more information, please contact Joel Frankel at 314-442-3843 or


Young Ben-Gurion Society Members in 2017

Co-Chairs: Matt and Jessica Litwack

Abby & Michael Goldstein
Alex Goldstein
Alysa & Chad Ellis
Amy Lampert
Anna & David Poger
Barry & Dana Sandweiss
Ben Cherry
Brad & Amy Snitzer
Brian Halpern
Christopher MacDonald
Dana Schwartz
Daniel & Sally Ginsburg
Danny & Jennifer Growe Soshnik
David & Jamie Steinbach
Dr. & Mrs. Barry Singer
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel & Emily Cohen
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Singer
Dr. & Mrs. Greg Berg
Dr. & Mrs. Howard Goldberg
Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan Pollack
Dr. & Mrs. William K. Feinstein
Drs. Diane & David Rosen
Eldad & Danielle Bialecki
Elisa & Rick Recht
Emily Stein MacDonald and Christopher MacDonald
Geoffrey & Stephanie L. Gross
Ian & Heidi Silberman
James R. Levey & Jacqueline Ulin Levey
Jeff Sparks
Jen & David Kaslow
Jennifer & Craig Rosenthal
Jennifer & David Kaslow
Jennifer & Jonathan Deutsch
Jennifer Baer Lotsoff
Jesse Goldstein
Jim & Amy Kalishman
JJ & Angela Flotken
Laura & Ryan Fields
Lauren Goldstein
Leah & Joel Frankel
Louis & Rebecca Goldman
Marc & Elizabeth Goldstein
Mark & Wendy Gellman
Mathew & Jessica Litwack
Matt Price
Melissa & Rob Merlin
Michael & Dana Taylor
Michael & Gina Bernstein
Michael Goldstein
Michael Gross
Michael Novack
Mindee & Zev Fredman
Monte & Julie Sandler
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Millner
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Srenco
Mr. & Mrs. Burt Garland, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Cory Spielberg
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Lefton
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Deutsch
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Deutsch
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Baris
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Corson
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Kerner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kaplan
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Goldenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Flom
Tom Margulis
Todd Wolff
Stacy & Greg Siwak
Mr. & Mrs. Toby Warticovschi
Mr. & Mrs. William Levinson
Mr. & Mrs. Zach Abeles
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Wallis
Mr. Brent and Dr. Lisa Suffian
Mr. C. Bradley Gross & Ms. Sarah Kovenock
Mr. David Roberts
Mr. Eric Brown & Ms. Amy Ravin
Mr. Jerrold Pines & Ms. Patricia Shpilberg
Mr. Matt & Dr. Jennifer Smith
Mr. Matt & Dr. Jennifer Smith
Mr. Matthew Coen
Mr. Nigel Ohrenstein & Ms. Ruth Raskas
Mr. Russel Neiss & Maharat Rori Picker Neiss
Mr. William Rubenstein & Ms. WeiWei Chen
Mr. Zev Rosenberg
Ms. Emily Coen
Rabbi & Mrs. Noah Arnow
Rabbi Amy Feder & Rabbi Michael Alper
Rabbi Brigitte & H. Lee Rosenberg
Rabbi Carnie S. & Mrs. Pauline Rose
Rachel & David Pereles
Rob & Anna Bertman
Rob Aronson
Sarah & Steve Bauer
Sarah & Tom Eidelman
Scott & Courtney Kaar
Seth & Cynthia Albin
Steve & Felicia Malter
Will Scharf


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