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Pieces of Our CommUNITY

February 21, 2019

7 pm


Hilton St. Louis Frontenac Hotel
Ambassadeur Ballroom

1335 S. Lindbergh, Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63131

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Cost is $36. Valet parking included.

Join us for an inspiring evening at which 29 local Jewish women’s organizations will be featured and celebrated! Enjoy food from all of the local kosher caterers and be inspired by Ruchi Koval, who will be speaking on “Finding Your Niche” and how we all have our unique piece in the fabric of our Jewish community.

About the Speaker

Ruchi Koval is a graduate of the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland and the Beth Jacob Jerusalem Institute. She runs women’s character-development workshops and is a certified parenting coach, motivational speaker, JWRP trip leader, and blogger at She is the author of the 2016 book Conversations with G-d: Prayers for Jewish Women, as well as a columnist for the Cleveland Jewish News. An Orthodox woman, Rebbitzen, wife, and mother of seven, Ruchi Koval is the co-founder and director of the Jewish Family Experience in Cleveland.

For more information, contact Katie Sheldon at 314-442-3751.



Event Chairs
Carol Margolis and Christy Singer

Francine Balk, Rivka Berkowitz, Betti Blumoff, Amy Bornstein, Debbi Braunstein, Chana Bregman, Susan Brown, Dorit Daphna-Iken, Robyn DeNorscia, Teree Farbstein, Miriam Florans, Judith Frankiel, Joyce Gang, Rachel Glik, Marian Gordon, Sharon Gorman, Tova Greenblatt, Lisa Gubernik, Daniela Hermelin, Judy L. Schwartz Jaffe, Cynthia A. Kalachek, Bryna Kandel, Susan E. Katzman, Shira Kraft, Shifra Landa, Debbie K. Lefton, Amy Lentin, Stefanie Levenson, Jeryl Livingston, Emily Stein MacDonald, Mia Mandel, Michelle Mufson, Cori Neidenberg, Chana Novack, Jennifer Pines, Rene Price, Marilyn Ratkin, Robin Rickerman, Chanala Rubenfeld, MaryAnne Smyly Sabin, Jennifer Sagett, Lisa Samis, Debra A. Sartori, Ruth Schachter, Mariel Brechner Shoghi, Martina Stern, Barbara Strashun, Beverly Stuhlman, Marcene Tockman, Stacey Wallach, Jane Roodman Weiss, Cheryl Whatley

Women’s Philanthropy Leadership
Bonnie Solomon, Chair
Julie Yawitz, Vice Chair, Engagement

Marianne Chervitz, Development Associate
Stacy Wagerman, Development Associate
Katherine Sheldon, Resource Assistant
Julie Gibbs, Director of Major Gifts & Affinity Groups
Michael Oberlander, Chief Philanthropy Officer

Jewish Federation of St. Louis
Gerry Greiman, Board Chair
Andrew Rehfeld, President & CEO