Blue Ribbons for Israel

Share Your #BlueRibbonsforIsrael

Things you can do to promote #BlueRibbonsforIsrael. Check out the images to use for social media. To download an image, hover over it and click on the download icon in the upper left corner.

1.  Add a Ribbon to Your Social Media Profile

2. Hand out Blue Ribbons: Give these out at gatherings, rallies, dinners, social events, and more. Keep a few in your bag if you’d like and feel free to download and hand out the postcard.

3. Take a photo and use #BlueRibbonsforIsrael: Get a good photo of you, your friends, your family, your colleagues, etc wearing the blue ribbon – and don’t forget to use #BlueRibbonsforIsrael

We have put together a resource and information page to help keep access to information accessible, click here.