Assess Needs

Needs assessments are underway on the highest priority areas of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis. This gives us a better understanding of how to build a Jewish community where every member can live with dignity, meaning, and purpose.

Many needs assessments are informed by the Community Study conducted in 2014.


Current Needs Assessment Library

More needs assessments will be posted as they are completed.


Covid-19 Response
Jewish life has been greatly affected by the pandemic. People are now engaging in Jewish community differently with many seeking support and connection from congregations or social service providers and engaging in online learning opportunities. At the same time, many are feeling the loss of what sustains their Jewish identity, like Jewish summer camp, early childhood centers, and in-person minyanim. Organizations are being challenged in ways they never could have expected to try to meet the needs of their constituents. As we move past the crisis phase and into maintenance and recovery, Federation has conducted a needs assessment in a step in the process of looking at how to support the Jewish vibrancy of our community and the organizational infrastructure needed to support it. You can view the full needs assessment below.


Expand and strengthen an engaged, vibrant, and flourishing St. Louis Jewish Community


Well-being and Safety


Israel and the Global Jewish People


Developing Financial and Human Resources and Infrastructure