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Holocaust Museum & Learning Center

Since 1995, the Holocaust Museum & Learning Center (HMLC) has been dedicated to fulfilling its mission:

Through the lessons of the Holocaust, we inspire all people to confront hatred, promote human dignity and prevent genocide.

More than just a Museum, HMLC works to preserve the legacy of the Holocaust, educates about its causes and empowers visitors to make the world a more tolerant place by rejecting all forms of hate, racism, and bigotry. It does this through world-class exhibits, history resources, community programs and events, oral histories and more. With many ways to get involved, we hope you’ll join us in visiting and supporting HMLC as one of the initiatives of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.

Tour the Museum

Our St. Louis-based Holocaust Museum & Learning Center is open every day except Saturday and holidays. We offer group tours with advance notice, including school field trips. Learn more about the Museum hours, location, and requesting a guided tour.

Visit the HMLC Website

The best place to learn about the Museum’s exhibits, happenings, and educational resources is on the HMLC website. Plan your visit today!

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A Note from the Director

I welcome you all to visit the Holocaust Museum & Learning Center’s (HMLC) website, where you can view our events and programs, learn about the history of the Holocaust, read survivors’ stories, sign up for our newsletter and more!

The website wouldn’t be possible without the Museum’s Marketing Committee, chaired by Nancy Keyser. Committee members include Allison Hawk Collinger, Barb Pierce, Marissa Rosen, Myrna Meyer and the Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ Senior Director of Marketing, Nancy Tully. Samantha March, Jason Williams and Amy Pakett have also been instrumental in getting us to this point.

Thanks to all,

Jean Cavender
Holocaust Museum & Learning Center

Contact the Museum

Questions about HMLC or visiting our Jewish Holocaust Musuem? Get in touch with our staff or reach out through an online form.