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Holocaust Museum & Learning Center

A Note from Jean Cavender, Director of the Holocaust Museum & Learning Center:

I would like to announce the newly launched Holocaust Museum & Learning Center’s (HMLC) website! You can now view the site at I am so excited to share with you this new and improved platform where you can view our events and programs, learn about the history of the Holocaust, read survivors’ stories, sign up for our newsletter and more!

This has been months in the making. I want to give special thanks to our Museum’s Marketing Committee, chaired by Nancy Keyser. Committee members include Allison Hawk Collinger, Barb Pierce, Marissa Rosen, Myrna Meyer and the Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ Senior Director of Marketing, Nancy Tully.

One of the new features of this website is that it can now be accessed through any mobile device. It will also be easier for our Marketing Department personnel to update events on the website and get news to you about happenings at the Museum. The improved navigation system will also allow the user to find things more easily.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to tweak some areas of the site as we continue to work things out. It really takes a team and our marketing people Samantha March, Jason Williams and Amy Pakett have been instrumental in getting us to this point on this project.

Thanks to all,

Jean Cavender
Holocaust Museum & Learning Center