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What is the Center for Jewish Learning?

The Center for Jewish Learning serves as a community resource to facilitate and convene the Jewish community around issues pertaining to Jewish education; to provide Jewish educational opportunities for individuals and institutional support for educational organizations; to enrich existing community educational programming; and to serve as a catalyst for new initiatives.


The Center for Jewish Learning…
  • Engages in Jewish education as a lifelong pursuit.
  • Encourages connection and active learning through a variety of pathways and settings throughout the Jewish community.
  • Promotes learning with experts and peers in order to strengthen and deepen educational interaction.
  • Offers innovative and thought-provoking¬†courses, lectures and learning experiences throughout the community reaching lifelong learners of all ages.
  • Provides unique opportunities for the community to interact with internationally known and renowned scholars to share in the ongoing conversations of our Jewish history and culture, current events and our collective future.
  • Creates partnerships between the academic work of our community institutions of higher learning and our community at large.
  • Collaborates with organizations and institutions that share our commitment to excellence in education.