Dear all,

Hope my e-mail finds you well. We are glad that the ceasefire is holding, and thanks God life is getting back to normal here in Israel.

As you know, we send monthly newsletter about all the investments and activities you have in the region. Since there are things that you may want to share now with your marketing teams and the community regarding the situation in Israel, I will share with you some highlights from this week. If you need more information, pictures, etc. just let me know.

Supporting the IDF soldiers from the Elyakim base- in our region there is a base that is very close to Moshav Elyakim. It is very special and unique base from several reasons that I will be happy to share on a different e-mail.
The steering committee decided to support the soldiers in the base, and show them how much our communities think about them during this challenging time. The committee members fundraised in four days 2100 ILS and bought over 60 trays of Pizza and drinks. Last night we came to the base and it was such an uplifting experience for all sides. These is a quote from Rebecca, our new steering committee member who was the champion of this initiative: “Today we had the honor of delivering and handing out 60 pizzas plus drinks to Base Elyakim. We got to chat with the soldiers and they literally could not stop thanking us. Within minutes it was gobbled up! There were some serious smiles and laughter.” Attached is one picture. For more pictures click here.

Supporting the Atlanta & St. Louis lone soldiers-
The connection with the ATL STL IDF soldiers was strengthen during this operation. The “adaptive” families and the committee members called each one of them to make sure all is O.K. and if we can help. Thanks G-D we are having on June 10th the first visit in our region after covid. It will be from Hillel-GA, and seven soldiers confirmed their participation for dinner in our region. There are also videos and letters that schools created for the soldiers. Such as this one from The Davis Academy:

Megido is hosting teens from the south-

The Megiddo regional council is hosting 150 teens from the south of Israel for a respite from the challenging situation. The teens arrived during the events and will stay until the end of the week. There is real need to help the teens recover from these difficult times, and Megiddo is helping to provide that. The Federation of St. Louis helped with funding part of the costs of the meals for the teens. Attached some pictures.


The Megido high school has ongoing connection to the Musherfa high school as part of the Y”ami program funded by the STL Federation. During last week, the educational teams gathered to brainstorm about programs for the two groups. Today the Megido council together with the Iron regional council gathered to show the will for a real co- existence. Itzick Holavskey shared that there are plans for joint activities based on Sports, arts, music etc.8 (Attached is a picture from the gathering).

Have a good day! Eliad