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Welcoming the season of redemption, St. Louis songwriter Eitan Kantor would like to share this new song and fundraiser with you.

“Sha’arei Dim’ah”
Ve’af al pi shesha’arei tfilah nin’alu, sha’arei dim’ah lo nin’alu
נִנְעֲלוּ לֹא דִמְעָה שַׁעֲרֵי, נִנְעֲלוּ תְפִילָּה שֶׁשַּׁעֲרֵי פִּי עַל וְאַף
Although the gates of prayer were locked, the gates of tears were not locked.
-Babylonian Talmud, Berakhot 32b:5
You can listen to the full song at the bottom of this page.

As I clean out my pantry for Passover, I feel fortunate to have plenty of food to clean out. And with the arrival of COVID vaccines, I feel hope for an unlocking, an eventual transition from this time of narrowness into more expansiveness.

But as I clean out the pantry, I also am aware that in this year of so many tears, not everyone is able to look into their pantry and see abundance. The last year has brought food insecurity and economic hardship to many folks across the world, including here in my hometown of St. Louis.

Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ COVID-19 Community Response Fund has provided urgently needed support to Jewish organizations for vulnerable people, Jews and non-Jews, throughout the greater St. Louis area, including food, mental health services, and economic assistance.

If this song lifts you in some way, I invite you to help lift others. Click here to donate now to the COVID-19 Community Response Fund. Our goal is to raise $2,000 by May 1.


“Sha’arei Dim’ah” Credits
Eitan Kantor – vocals, violin, guitar
Joey Weisenberg – bass, percussion, musical direction
Lev Weisenberg – vocals, percussion
Anat Halevy Hochberg – vocals
Isabel Carton – vocals
Don Godwin – mixing and mastering
Sol Yael Weiss – album art


Produced by Joey Weisenberg/Rising Song Records. Recorded individually in St. Louis, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston. Made possible by Hadar’s Rising Song Institute, a meeting place and incubator for creative Jewish musicians and prayer leaders who hope to reinvent the future of music as a communal Jewish spiritual practice.