Hello everyone! I’d like to share with you all about my week.

On Sunday I had Sunday school at both of my congregation – UH & BA.

At BA I had a great activity about Israeli slang, the kids really liked it, they learned some new words and made some art. At UH I came to help in chugs, I talked to the kids about Tu-Bishvat in Israel and answered their questions about Israel in general, I helped a friend of mine to teach his language in Hebrew. After Sunday school I went to Chabad for a Tu Bishvat activity, it was so much fun! Afterwards, I went to the Gesher meeting, it was super interesting.

We all heard someone from Wash U talking about Anti-Semitism on campus.

On Monday morning I had a Tu-Bishvat event at the ECC in BA with the kids and their parents.

It was super fun.

On Tuesday morning I had ECC in BA. I did another program about Tu-Bishvat with the kids, something eatable. The kids made a chocolate tree from chocolate and dry fruits, it was so yummy. At the same day I had religious school. As every week on the first hour I’m teaching the kids Hebrew, I have to say they have really improved, I’m super proud of them. After the Hebrew lesson I did a program about the 10 plagues, it was so funny and fun. We played games that represented the plagues.

On Wednesday night I had NFTY meeting at UH. I decided to make more Israeli food, so we made schnitzel. It was delicious and everybody liked it. It was a great night.

On Thursday morning I had ECC at UH. I did a program with the kids about another favorite book of mine called – Aya Pluto. It talks about a dog from kibbutz Maggido (the partnership area). I read the kids the book, we talked about it, we learned some new words in Hebrew and make some movement together. It was so much fun.