Hello everyone! I’d like to share with you all about my week.

On Sunday morning I had Sunday school at UH. It was really fun. I did a program about colors in Hebrew by a nice story and a nice game, the kids really liked it.

In addition to that we had a falafel program with the kids. I talked about what is a falafel, what is it made of and how it comes in Israel! It was delicious.

On the same day I went to St. Charles for a visit, I had never been there. It was beautiful!

Especially because of the weather.

On the same night I went to watch the super bowl with friends, it was so much fun.

Monday is my day off so I decided to stay home.

On Tuesday I had a great time the ECC in BA. I did the program about Tu-Bishvat.

With the tree of hands. Each kid draw his hands on a paper and put it on the tree I draw as leafs.

The kids really enjoyed it. Each class made her own Tu-Bishvat tree.

Later that day I had religious school. As every week, at the first hour I’m teaching Hebrew.

On the second hour I did a program related to Bamidbar book. I did a program about the Jewish people in Egypt and about Passover. We learned together and had so much fun.

On Thursday morning I had a great time at the ECC in UH. I did another program about Tu-Bishvat. This week we made our own tree form chocolate and dry fruits. It was creative and so yummy. Each kid had an opportunity to make his own tree on his own way and eat it after.

Everyone liked it.