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Hi everyone,

Another week here flew by!

On Friday I had a meeting at the federation with Guy and Cynthia and from there we went together to ice skating at Kiener plaza park. It was so much fun! It’s been a while since I’ve done the last time (4 years) and I really wanted to do it here!

On Saturday I had my Dvar Israel at Kol Rinah which I talked about the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, about the antisemitism and the connection to my convention in Denver to it and also about the subject in Israel. I didn’t do anything else special this day because I felt really bad.

On Sunday I had the Sunday school at Kol Rinah, with the pre K to the 2nd grader I taught them the body parts and with the 3rd to the 7th graders I did an activity about what is a kibbutz, we watched a video that explains, talk about it and then played board game that I made for them with questions about kibbutz in general and tasks that involve cooperation as a group. Right after that I went to Shaare Emeth and from there we drove to the Hidden Valley with the middle school kids to snow tubing. Although I still hadn’t felt the best, it was fun!!

On Monday I used the day off to rest and recover because I still felt bad.

On Tuesday I went to Shaare Emeth to the Religious School, and there, as part of my new program that I started two weeks ago, that I’m getting in the chugim (electives) and do something about Israel, I did this time play chug and we played a very popular and love Israeli game called “pass the package”. There’s a prize, wrapped with newspaper. Almost on every layer there is a task. Someone plays the music and then kids pass the package between themselves (they sit in a circle) and when the music stops the kids who has the package gets to unwrap one layer and if it says a task so they need to do it. In the end, the prize is for everyone. I did tasks and questions about me and Israel.

The second Chug was drama, so for the beginning We played a game that I did in when I was in high school ( I majored Theater) and called “what are you doing” only this time they had to say “what are you doing” in Hebrew. Then I gave everyone of them a paper with something that relates to Israel and told them they need to advertise it, as part of someone’s trip to Israel but without saying the object’s name (for example- Israeli salad, Jerusalem, pita)

On Wednesday I had the Religious School at Kol Rinah, where we continued to learn about the kibbutz, this time, about my kibbutz. They had to guess what are the places that appear in the pictures and I explained more afterwards and also they made art activity based on other pictures from my kibbutz and in this time they had explanation attached to it. In the evening I had lounge night with NFTY, this week we talked about global warming and how can we help saving the environment.

On Thursday I had my meeting with Cynthia at the federation, then the JPro Lunch Awards at the JCC with a lot of people who work for the Jewish community, and then to the ECC at Kol Rinah, and in our journey to Israel, we stayed at my kibbutz and did something that the kids in my kibbutz do every Friday- Challah baking! It was so fun and I was happy to do it with them!

After that I had an event at Shaare Emeth “Spread Ari’s Light” in memory of Ari who passed away after fighting cancer. It was big, and we all made Challah. It was really important to me to be there, especially when her two siblings go to NFTY and I know them, also it is super important to support events like this and spread the word about the importance of helping each other whenever we need it.