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Hello everyone! I’d like to share with you all about my week.

On Sunday morning I had Sunday school at UH. We had so much fun with the ‘Hebrew Race’ program I made. We were talking about how to write Hebrew, who re-created the Hebrew language, how we use it and more. The kids learned new things and the winners of the race got a price – popsicles. After Sunday school I went to snow tubing with the kids from 678 Reform Teen Initiative. We had sooooo much fun. We slid tons of time, saw the amazing view and ate snacks. I really liked it.

Monday was my day off so I decided to take a rest for a bit 😉

On Tuesday morning I had a great time at the ECC in Bnai Amoona. I had the colors programs with the kids. They really liked it. We were talking about the colors names in Hebrew and made some art together, I had the best time. On Tuesday afternoon I had religious school in BA. On the first hour I was teaching Hebrew like every week. On the second hour we had ‘sharing time’

That means that at the end of each month the kids are sharing what they been taught all month. It was so special. I was happy the kids remembered all what I taught them.

On Thursday morning I had such a good time at the ECC in UH. We had a Tu – Bishvat program.

I was talking to kids about to bishvat, explained them what is it, how we do it and Israel and more. Because we can’t go outside and plant a tree on the ground so we made a tree in the class.

I made a tree trunk and the kids made the leave from their hands. It was super beautiful and everyone loved it.