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Hi everyone,

What a fun week I had and about to have!

This Sunday school at Shaare Emeth I did an activity about my kibbutz, the same activity that I needed to prepare to one of the steps of getting in the Shinshim program and it was an amazing closure for me! The kids needed to figure out from pictures of places in my kibbutz what are those places, without any help or explanation about those pictures. Then they were given another pictures of places from my kibbutz and needed to create them as an art activity only from the supplies they had and, like in the kibbutz, to share them with the other groups and be considerate.

In the evening I went to my first host family, the Samson family, to watch with them the Packers football game. It was great! Always fun to spend time with them!! And the Packers won so it wad even better 😉

My Monday was fun, it’s my day off and Guy and I went to a spa together. Was my first time at a spa and I enjoyed it !

Tuesday I had classes with the ECC at Shaare Emeth, we talked about “HaNegev”, the desert in Israel, we were amazed by the beauty of it and colored together our “HaNegev”. At the Religious School at Shaare I started something brand new, and had part in the chugim part (electives). This week I entered art, and taught about the Israeli artist Chanoch Piven, an artist that make portraits of personalities all over the world from items in his house, based on the characteristics and positions and showed the kids his arts of the Israelis politicians he made and inspired by that they made their own. I also entered music, there we danced to Israeli music, we watched a video about the evolution of the Israeli music and I showed them that through music we can learn about the Israeli culture. We listened to the Israeli song “hachi Israeli” (the most Israeli) and than talked a bit about the song. The kids were really interested! I’m happy to start this thing and looking forward to my next classes! At night I had a fun lounge night with USY.

On Wednesday I had Religious School at Kol Rinah, we talked about Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, the western wall and all the kids wrote notes for the western wall, and hopefully next month when I’ll be in Israel I will have time to go there and put all the notes in the western wall! I’ll do my best efforts because it is really important for me that the kids’ notes will be put in the western wall.

On Thursday I had classes at the ECC and we continued our journey to Israel, this time in the Dead Sea!

I would like to remind and invite you all to my new program, for everyone who wants to learn more about Israel, Hebrew, Israeli culture and current events in Israel- “Cafe Ivrit” next Thursday (January 23rd) at 7pm at Kol Rinah! I’d really like to see you there! You won’t regret it!

Wish you all a wonderful week!