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Hello everyone!

I’d like to share with you all about my week!

On Sunday morning I had a great time on Sunday school in UH! I did a program about the Israeli slang for the kids! We were talking about the main words they should know and created together emojis for each word! The kids really liked it! In addition to that we made challahs for Shabbat! It was delicious!

Monday is my day off, so Shaked (the other Shinshin) and I went to a spa to get a full body massage. After the long trip I had with my family I felt I need to relax 😉

On Tuesday morning I had ECC in BA. I missed my kids so much and I was so happy to see them! I decided to start a streak of Israeli books for kids with the kids to make programs about my favorite books.

My first program was about the famous Israeli book – Tiras Cham! (Hot corn)

I read the book to the kids and we all did a big parade in the class (like in the books), sang songs and played with cookware.

On the same day I had religious school in BA.

So like every week at the first hour I was teaching the kids Hebrew and helped them to prepare to their bar/bar mitzvah.

At the last hour I did my program – about a sabbatical year.

I was talking to the kids about the values in this year and the meaning of it.

We were playing, talking, learning and having a lot of fun.

On Wednesday evening I had NFTY meeting in UH. This was so much fun.

I didn’t do NFTY for a while because of winter break and I really missed all my friends.

In addition, I met some new people what used to do NFTY but they finished it last year and now they are in college.. they had a break so they came to visit 😉

On Thursday morning I had a rest time at the ECC at UH.

I don’t see these kids for a while also because of winter break so I was super excited to see them.

I did the same Tiras Cham program with the kids and they really liked it.

They learn new words, they really enjoyed the parade, and had so much fun.