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Shalom everyone!

I had really a busy week last week.

During the four days after I came back to town I stayed with the Kerner family, I really enjoyed my stay with them!

After that, I came back to my host family, the Silver family, it was good to be back home. That Sunday I had classes at the Religious School at Kol Rinah, where we talked about the winter in Israel and I showed them videos from the floods that happened on the same day, in my kibbutz. Later that day I had lunch with my host family and with our Israeli neighbors!

Monday was my day off, but I had a lot of things to work on because of the winter break so I went to Shaare Emeth to work.

On Tuesday I had the ECC at Shaare Emeth where we learned about the city Tel Aviv, visited the beach and the park and enjoyed exploring the city from the pictures and the games! In the evening I had a lounge night with USY.

On Wednesday I had Religious School at Kol Rinah, where we talked about the northern part of Israel, I brought them pictures of the north of Israel and also of places from the United States, and they had to decide what country does the picture belong to and based on the pictures that they saw of the north of Israel they made their “north Israel snow flakes”, also connecting to the activity they had with me on Sunday. After that I went to Shaare Emeth, had the PostCon group and after that a lounge night with NFTY.

I had a meeting with Cynthia and the ECC at Kol Rinah and we continued our visit in Israel and learned about the desert in Israel, “HaNegev”. We saw how it looks, and together colored our own “Negev”! That evening I was supposed to have the first meeting of my new program at Kol Rinah- Cafe Ivrit- a platform for me to meet with people that I don’t usually see, share more about my story, teach about Israel, the culture, current events and of course also Hebrew. Sadly, no one showed up. I would like to use this platform to invite whoever is interested in those things, please come to my activity, every other Thursday. The next time will be January 23rd and I promise you won’t regret you came!!

Friday I had a meeting with Cynthia and Guy and then went to Shaare Emeth for Challah baking with the ECC kids. It is always fun making Challah with the kids!

Saturday was more chilled, after this long week and also it was snowing so I stayed in.

Wish you all a wonderful week!