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Hello everyone! I’d like to share with you all about my wonderful vacation I had with my family from Israel!

First of all, my family arrived is STL 3 weeks ago and it was one of the moments I’ll never forget from this year! I was so happy and excited to see them after 4 month we didn’t see each other! It was amazing! I took my family to see where I work, introduced them to my supervisors and my host family. In addition, I took them to the arch (of course) and many more things!

I wanted my family to see where I work and where my life is and going to be for the rest of the year!

After leaving STL we flew to the big apple – New York City! New York was AMAZING in every single way! We stayed at Times Square, we went to the Statue of Liberty, had a tour in Central Park, did shopping in 5th ave, Watched the musical the lion king, went to Madame Tussaud and many many more things! New York is one of my favorites now!

After New York we moved to Orlando, FL! In Orlando we had 2 destinations: Universal and Disney, we started at Universal and were there for 3 days! Universal had such good rides!

The minions, E.T (my favorite), SpongeBob, Harry Potter, Jimmy Fallon, Jurassic park, etc!

When I was there I had so much fun. The weather was amazing and we were lucky.

We stayed in an amazing universal hotel nearby the parks and every morning we took a boat to get to the parks, it was special. From Universal we moved to Disneyworld which was absolutely wonderful! We also had 3 days in Disney. I guess you can imagine how amazing Disney can be, sooo – double it! All the dressed up characters all over the park and all the rides and the theme restaurant! Disney has a second name – The happiest place in the world!

After my visit there I get why they called it that. We stayed at Disney for the new year.

The whole New Year show was WOW, I can’t describe how amazing it was.

All the fireworks and the counting down thing was WOWWWW!

At the next morning I said goodbye to my parents and came back home (to STL😉)

It was really hard but I missed my kids and my congregations and my mission here hasn’t finished yet!