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Hi everyone, I hope you’re winter break was as good as mine! I had the perfect two weeks!!

On Friday, the week my mom arrived, we went to the Arch, it was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed there to walk around and to be in the Arch! In the evening I had Dvar Israel at Shaare Emeth and then went to a dinner at Rabbi Bennett’s house, which we stayed there during my mom’s stay and also had a great time.

On Saturday we went shopping and in the evening we went to Garden Glow in the botanical gardens with the Bennetts. It was beautiful!!

On Sunday morning we left to Los Angeles to a relative of mine who lives there and stayed there for three days. On those three days we went to Laguna Beach to wander round and also to the Chabbad Menorah lightening, toured LA, Hollywood and Beverley Hills and enjoyed being with family that we hadn’t seen in a really long time!

After LA we took a flight to Las Vegas. There, besides seeing some of the hotels we saw Beatles Love by Cirques De Soilel- I couldn’t remove my eyes from the show! It was gorgeous and amazing!!

The day after we drove from Vegas to Zion National Park, where we spent the night and hiked the day after. I love this place! It combines mountains, snow, water and altogether it’s beautiful!

Then we drove to Bryce Canyon, and if it was chilly-cold in Zion, in Bryce it was freezing! It was 18 degrees (but we dressed well) and when we arrived it started to snow. Luckily we arrived in the evening so it wouldn’t stopped ed us from doing something. The day after we went to the Canyon and it had a perfectly snow-blanket. I haven’t seen this amount of snow in my life!! Everyone said it was decent amount of snow! Because of that we couldn’t really hike but we did had a great scenic view of the Canyon covered with snow.

From there we drove to Page and spent the next three days there. We had a view of Glen Dam, Lake Powell and we hiked the Antelope Canyon and places in the area!

After that we went to Vegas for three more days and there we went to Lady Gaga concert and on the Nee Year’s Eve to Maroon 5 concert!! Both were amazing!! We also went on the strip for the count down and saw the 8 minutes fireworks!

The day after I came back to St. Louis and mom to Israel. It was really sad and hard to say goodbye.

This Thursday I had the ECC at Kol Rinah and we started learning about places in Israel and our first place was Tel Aviv! We played with a ball at the Tel Aviv Beach, Danced to songs of Tel Aviv in HaYarkon Park and saw pictures of the beautiful city!

Hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend!