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Shalom everyone!

I’d like to share with you all about my week!

On Sunday morning I had BA Sunday school which was so much fun: We had a latke day!

We made a lot of latkes together and it was delicious! In addition, I shared with the children how we celebrate Hanukkah in Israel, and I think they were really interested 😉

On Monday I stayed at home because of the snow, but it was fun!Me and my host family chilled for a while and built a snowman.

On Tuesday evening my family arrived from Israel, I was really excited!

On Wednesday I took my family to do some shopping, it was a long day!

On the same evening we went to have a dinner with my host family. I was excited because I really wanted my family to meet my second family form STL 😉 After dinner we went to my house and gave my host family presents from Israel, I showed my parents where I lived for almost 4 months.

On Thursday morning I had to work at the ECC in UH so I took my parents to see that.

Shaked, the other Shinshinit, and I did a great joint Hanukkah program for the children.

We talked about the lights on Hanukkah and we taught them a song and a dance of Hanukkah.

At the end each one of the kids got a nice present from us – a dedicated flashlight! It was so cute to see their reaction.

Afterwards I took my parents to see Bnai Amoona, and see the kids I teach and the other people who I work with, it was great! We went to eat a brunch with my supervisor – Cynthia, Shaked and her mom. It was really nice that my parents met my supervisor 😉

Later that day we went to visit the Arch, it was beautiful and my parents really liked it, and in the evening we went to see the lights at the botanical gardens. It was gorgeous, all the lights and the music were amazing!

Have a great Shabbat!